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About me

Hi - I’m Bradley, a Senior Producer with expertise in creating content that engages audiences and motivates commitments. I got my actual start in this business with one of the best jobs in the world: a writer/producer for HBO. Get this. I got paid to watch movies and cut trailers + promos. I loved it. It was the ideal 9-to-5 for me. But the real joy was that my 5-to-9 and weekends were spent doing what I really loved: volunteering at non-profits and cause-based corporations. That was my real reward. So one day, I switched it. My 5-to-9 became my 9-to-5, and I started employing my producer/director skills in the non-profit arena or the outreach divisions of for-profit corporations. My marketing + producer background set me on a journey to the First Nations people in Canada, the streets of Guatemala, the rural mountainside of Petit Goave Haiti, The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, and much more.


I’ve done everything from the one-person band (camera, sound, lights, producer, editor) to the Senior Producer of 30+ crew members for broadcast production. Having produced over 900 TV broadcast events and 100 short-form video packages, I’m a numbers guru who can create compelling content within any budget, whether $500 or $500,000. I’m a problem-solving ninja who has to thread the needle between conflicting ideas. I love all aspects of production and always strive to maintain an authentic, diverse, and fun environment.





Respect is earned.

It is not given or withheld by a job title.


Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.


When it comes to a good idea, there is no hierarchy.

A friendly discussion is as stimulating as the sparks that fly when iron strikes iron. 


You'll never have to ask me to work harder because I go above + beyond to solve problems. 

Bottom line: We gonna figure it out!

I keep it bright and positive while I navigate a pathway to a win-win. And hopefully, we'll have some fun along the way.


It's not about me. Collaborating with diverse coworkers is good for the bottom line + the process of creativity

Thank you for scrolling this far down.

It's the little things, you know? ☺️